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The Secret Documents

A writer takes a certain risk when he invites his readers to examine his secret archives, like a reporter opening up his notebook. Why did I focus on this event and ignore that one? Stress one aspect and play down another? Because that's the way I saw it. When you read my book, you're invited inside my head, which is stuffed with history, interviews, memories, and my personal prejudices. When you look at my sources, you watch the world alongside me and are certain to see it differently. So these archives may be the spine of the story, but not the flesh.

  1. The Nazi Plot Begins
    Heinz Jost tells his tale. London Warns Washington . J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI keeps contact with the Nazis via Interpol until a few days before Pearl Harbor brings America into the war. Langer's anonymous account of the first attempt and its failure.
  2. Churchill and the Mandarins
  3. Roosevelt Toys with Counterfeiting
  4. Bernhard Krueger in Action
  5. The Bank is Robbed, and the Swiss Get Pounded
  6. The Money Launderers
  7. Dollars--and the Final Dump
  8. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Compiled and Selected by Lawrence Malkin and Margaret Shannon.

Unless otherwise identified, public documents are credited to the U.S. National Archives (NARA); The British National Archives/Public Record Office (PRO), and the archives of the Bank of England (B/E).

Detailed citations are found in the endnotes to Krueger's Men.


"The Counterfeiting of the Pound" (8 of 11)

The Counterfeiting of the Pound