lawrence malkin author of Krueger's Men and The National Debt
The Story
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Lawrence Malkin

The Secret Documents

  1. The Nazi Plot Begins
  2. Churchill and the Mandarins
  3. Roosevelt Toys with Counterfeiting
  4. Bernhard Krueger in Action
  5. The Bank is Robbed, and the Swiss Get Pounded
    In 1943 the counterfeits start lapping at the Old Lady's skirts, and even British spies start bringing them home. The Bank's inner circle puts nothing on paper, even though its officials believe that no one can copy their notes. In Switzerland , the pounds start arriving in bulk and the Swiss complain to the Bank of England, to no avail.

  6. The Money Launderers
  7. Dollars--and the Final Dump
  8. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Compiled and Selected by Lawrence Malkin and Margaret Shannon.

Unless otherwise identified, public documents are credited to the U.S. National Archives (NARA); The British National Archives/Public Record Office (PRO), and the archives of the Bank of England (B/E).

Detailed citations are found in the endnotes to Krueger's Men.








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